A Discount Scheme

Save and flex is building an ecosystem where we are able to support and grow retail start-ups, thereby providing them quicker access to market.

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Empower your employees

Employers are able to provide their employees with choices so that they (employees) can maximise their income.

Retail Network

Tap into an extensive retail network across Nigeria in cities outside Lagos such as Abuja, Calabar, Sagamu, Gombe and Kaduna, which eliminates the perception by employees that only Head Office (Lagos) employees benefit from the platform.

Give back to community

SAVE n FLEX is an excellent way for companies to give back to the local communities where they operate as they indirectly support the extended families that depend on their employees’ salaries and help build local retail businesses.

Direct access

Retail partners have access to employees of corporate organisations as a customer segment and can optimize economies of scale through higher conversion rates.


Build a customer segment made up of repeat, loyal customers.

Free will

Control over payments – discounts are applied to members at the point of sale, putting the retailer in control of payments.

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Employee discounts provide options around enhancing the lifestyle choice of employees and may lead to increased productivity and employee engagement.

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