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Recently, Nigeria went into recession. Although the country is officially out of recession, organisations and employees are still dealing with the after effect. During the recession, a number of Nigerians lost their jobs or small business. In Nigeria and largely in sub-Saharan Africa, salaried employees often support their extended families. An unintended effect of the recession was the large number of people who are dependent on the salaries of their family members in employment that were cut-off from the support they receive. SAVE n FLEX .was born out of a desire to provide companies – small, medium and large with cost effective ways to offer (at scale) a wide range of discounts on every day purchases that employees can choose from. From 1,000 naira per employee per month initial subscription (employer funded), companies can empower their employees to stretch their salary, enhance their lifestyle and achieve significant savings which in turn increases employee engagement and productivity. SAVE n FLEX is unique in that it offers sustainable benefits to its stakeholders; employers, employees and retail (discount) partners. Additionally, SAVE n FLEX is building an ecosystem where we are able to support and grow retail start-ups, thereby providing them quicker access to market.

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Employee discounts provide options around enhancing the lifestyle choice of employees and may lead to increased productivity and employee engagement.

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